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As a child, I struggled with being overweight. Adolescence consisted of yo-yo dieting and lack of activity; in young adulthood and during my parenting years, I was always looking for ways to lose the extra weight. It wasn’t until I reached a definite mid-life age category that I realized there was more needed growth and development on my part during the second half of my life. I took the time to do some serious soul searching with support from family and friends, and came to realize my health is interrelated. Nutrition is alive and redefined now that I understand that it is more than just the food that goes into my mouth, but also includes my spiritual walk with God, the relationships I have, and lifestyle choices I make each day.

Like me and many of you, the search for a healthy life has been a journey; seasonal with each passing life marker to be stored and noted for use sometime in the future. I say the future is now. Let your season be now. Allow me to use the training I received from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition using practical lifestyle coaching methods and we can together positively impact your health and wellness. As partners, we can create a completely personalized “roadmap to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

Could one conversation change your life? If you are curious about how health coaching can help, let’s talk. Schedule a free initial consultation with me today!  This is your season!

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