Wendy L.

I was at a point in my life where I knew I desperately needed a change or my health was going to continue to deteriorate. Ruth-Ellen introduced me to the idea of wellness in my whole being. As we met together I began to see the connections and was able to slowly implement the changes that would encourage me to become a healthier, whole person.

Ruth-Ellen encouraged me to face my challenges. She took the time to listen to me and investigate my particular challenges with food, exercise, and lifestyle choices. She then tailored specific strategies for me to use such as when I found myself going to food for comfort. At each session we would compile several goals to work on until our next session. These goals encompassed, time management, exercise goals, time for creativity and even strategies for food choices during my weak moments! Ruth-Ellen was always realistic about these goals and she allowed me to set the goals for myself. She was available to contact if I needed a word of guidance or encouragement. I found strong yet compassionate accountability, not judgment, from Ruth-Ellen as I worked on my goals.

My daughter and I now find time to cook and bake together in the kitchen. We make healthy recipes that we can feel good about sharing with our family and friends. My daughter has been encouraged to make healthy choices at a time in a teen’s life where significant growth is taking place. I am thankful that she can establish a healthy approach to food, especially in an emotional sense. If I had that information as a teen I could have avoided a lot of unhealthy habits I established at that time of life.

My entire family has been changed by my time with Ruth-Ellen. As I learned the importance of healthier foods and exercise, I would take these ideas home and share them. Every member of my family is now consistently exercising! My husband has found exercise to be a significant stress relief from his busy work schedule. We even enjoy time exercising together. We all eat much healthier than we did a year ago and my son has been named the “health food guy” by his classmates at school. He has been proactively educating his friends about the wonders of Quinoa, Millet, Amaranth, and other healthy food choices that have not only helped him feel stronger but have significantly improved his competition times in cross-country running!

This journey was never about how much I weighed or how much weight I could lose. It has been about becoming a whole person in every area of my life – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Gale H.

It’s not about a diet routine, it’s about an attitude and lifestyle change! Believe it or not, I struggled with keeping weight on! She helped me realize not only how to eat better, but also the reasons why I should want to eat better. Ruth-Ellen is a very caring Health & Wellness coach and I greatly benefited from being part of that program.


Ruth-Ellen’s services and help through her Wellness Coaching this past year has been a huge gift in my journey of healing and health. Like most, my story of emotional eating and image struggles begins decades ago, so unraveling it to figure the best plan possible for change has been a challenge that Ruth-Ellen stayed committed to even when the task seemed daunting. I have sought freedom and peace in this area for years. Ruth-Ellen isn’t about quick-fixes, so I knew working with her could help turn the key to life long change. She desires to help each individual find the way to heart and body health….that’s a winning combination. I thank God for her counsel, background, faith and wise encouragement. If you are looking for a way to release your mind and body from the struggles of dieting and defeating patterns, her wellness coaching could very well be for you too!

Jacki O.

“Through the ReWellness process, I have been awaken from a “fatigued” body.

Ruth- Ellen took the journey with me to rediscover a new attitude with food, sleep, exercise and faith in myself. If you struggle with “why” diets are not working for you, ReWellness opens those doors.”