Break Old Habits; What Will it Take?

contributing author: Ruth Mooney

What happens between 18-254 days?
You might be surprised, but that is the variant time span it takes to break an old habit.
Not your mother’s advice of giving up desserts for 3 weeks, is it?
Whether you are trying to drink more water, exercise regularly, cook healthier; it is going to take intentional time.

BUT REMEMBER: it is a lifestyle investment with great rewards!

Take a sneak peek at this article on what it takes to break old habits. I think it will help clarify the reality of: “Yes, this is hard work, but worth it!”

“What I’m getting at is that changing behaviors and creating new habits takes an awfully long time. While you may well be able to establish a comfort level with a new behavior in just 21 days, my experiences have taught me that habit formation requires years of consciously reminding yourself of your new choices.”
– Yoni Freedhoff