Can You Lose Weight on Vacation?

Here are more insights from my weeklong cruise.

Is it possible to eat and enjoy lavish meals, luscious desserts, and snacks that are available 24/7?  Yes it is possible, but if you don’t want to think about losing, how about maintaining your weight?  That is definitely doable.

Our Captain, Edward Perrin, was from England, and the master chef of the cruise line studied in Paris, France.  There were more than five individual restaurants and I cannot tell you how many more opportunities to eat by the three-plus pools and bars. There were so many cultural influences with food choices.  As a result, we found a true passion and appreciation for the food, wine, and presentation offered to the cruise guests by the staff.   

So, while inundated with all the delicacies and eyes wide open with stomach ready and willing, I remembered a book written by Mireille Guiliano in 2004 called French Women Don’t Get Fat.  Here’s what she says in her “Ouverture: “French women take pleasure in staying thin by eating well, while Americans typically see it as a conflict and obsess over it.  French women don’t skip meals or substitute slimming shakes for them.  They have two or three courses at lunch and then another three (sometimes four) at dinner.  And with wine . . . How do they do it? . . . They eat with their heads, and they do not leave the table feeling stuffed or guilty.”  She continues to say practical words like moderation and less can be more. 

I can’t help think of the mistake we “dieters” make with the guilt ridden “I’ll do better tomorrow” mentality.  It seems so much more effective to leave the emotion (guilt) out and incorporate the moderation and less is more concepts into our daily way of eating.

This brings me to Lesson 2:  Eat what you want!  How can you do that and maintain your weight while on vacation?

  • Take time to enjoy your food, find pleasure in it, and rid the guilt of having a treat.
  • Remember the less is more concept.  Have a few bites, those taste the best anyway. Try not to stuff yourself sick, but savor the flavors.
  • Don’t think of food as good or bad, but find the foods that work well with your way of life and enjoy them.  I promote the 90/10 rule.  (If you want to know about this rule, contact me by going to my website under the connect tab and ask for the 90/10).

Bon appétit!