Mangos Versus Chocolate

At a recent family gathering on the lake, I realized that it can be tough to eat healthy.  So many bakery choices brought in the house;  like cookies, chocolate chip banana bread, chocolate almonds, cinnamon rolls with frosting, etc.  Once I get started on these sugar coated goodies, it is so hard for me to stop.  As a health coach, I should know better than to even start . . . plus there is scientific proof that high sugary drinks and treats are addicting.  If you haven’t already, check out this story from 60 minutes.

To my pleasant surprise, my cousin brought to this one particular gathering two mangos picked straight out of his yard from Florida!  When I cut into them and tasted this juicy sweet fruit, I realized that it couldn’t have been sweeter than a piece of chocolate cake.  It was delicious!  Now I buy Mangos at my local grocery store for an exceptional sweet substitute to the dark chocolate covered almonds my husband has stashed in the downstairs refrigerator.  (He thinks he’s hiding them, but I know where they are).

You don’t have to give up the flavors and tastes that you love . . . instead find something else that can be a better alternative like mangos.  Another option, forget about the food, eat something healthy if you are hungry, then go have fun!  Make those family memories to be the time spent with family and the kid size fun you can share with cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.  

If you would like more ideas for snacks, desserts, or ways to detox from sugar, go to the contact tab on my website and send me your request.  I would love to hear from you and share ideas that may steer you clear of starting the sugar craze that is so hard to stop.