Weight Loss – Eat Less; Why So Hard??

Why is it so hard to eat healthy? Or, how about just trying to eat less??

Here’s my story.  Hungry . . . past lunch time and knowing that I was not going to make it until dinner, let alone late afternoon, I stopped by a favorite deli.  Tired of salads, the deli special showed a Mediterranean Wrap.  I knew I “shouldn’t” eat the whole wrap, even though I knew I could because of my hunger level, and asked if I could order a half wrap.  The answer was that I could not order a half wrap because it was a wrap (not sure why that comment was made) and that even if I did order a half wrap I would pay the same price for a whole one. This coming from the manager of the deli. 

Does this make sense?  It really doesn’t to me.  So as I was eating my sandwich, I thought of two possibilities that I would have accepted. 

  • Let me buy a half wrap and charge me less than the whole wrap, but not necessarily half the amount.  I would have accepted that, or . . .
  • Combine a small salad or fruit with half the wrap and charge me the whole amount of the whole sandwich.

Either of these options would not be hard to do.

Our country is an amazing place to live, don’t get me wrong, but we top the obesity charts compared to over 34 countries.  We hold the #1 position.  Let me stress that this #1 is not something to be proud of.  Go to this link and read a very interesting report about the state of our health, along with how other democratic countries are faring. 

Why do you think obesity and our struggle with healthy weight and weight loss is such an issue?  One answer is that we eat too much.  So . . . let’s start to figure out convenient ways to eat less, eat healthy, and feel better about ourselves.

By the way . . . normally I would just take the leftovers home, but I it would have sat in a warm car for the rest of the afternoon.