Food Mill

A food mill is a cross between a sieve and a food processor.  It strains, mashes, and sauces. The perforated disk separates out any seeds or skins.

The food mill can be used to make applesauce.  See our simple applesauce recipe here:http://simply-sweetened-applesauce applesauce You don’t need to peel the apples when making applesauce because the food mill separates the skins from the cooked apples when you process it through the sieve. This saves precious time. (TIP: After every few turns of the processor, reverse the handle counter-clockwise one turn to clear the skins from the sieve.  This keeps the food flowing through the sieve. Otherwise, the sieve will become clogged.)

I purchased my Foley Stainless Steel Food Mill online at Amazon, for $22.00.

Food mills are a low-priced kitchen gadget that can save time in the kitchen.