Your Happy Healthy Starts Here

Successful eating and exercise begins with what you like to eat, and how you like to exercise.  You will be more consistent with eating the healthier foods you enjoy, rather than force feeding yourself foods that you dislike  So, for example, if you like carrots and asparagus, look for recipes that feature them, instead of say brussels sprouts, that you may hate!  

The same idea goes for exercise.  Find an exercise you enjoy, like taking a refreshing walk outdoors or kayak with a friend, rather than running a mile a day if you cannot appreciate this form of exercise.

Together we can come up with healthy eating and exercise options that will be to your liking. So, rather than picking an exercise you hate doing, or a food you detest eating, find your happy healthy place where you will be much more apt to incorporate eating healthy.  Learn how exercise can be fun, instead of a chore you dread!