Night Time Snacking

Submitted by: Ruth Mooney ~ Night time snacking.

  • “Does it really matter?”
  • Ice cream after the soccer game?
  • A bowl of cereal before bed?
  • Cookies and milk with the kids?
  • Does it all really matter? 
  • You know, those snacks before bed?

It does matter.  Not only can some foods keep you restless and interfere with your sleep pattern, but they can be addictive any time of day; especially when we are tired and low on “self-control” for making healthier choices.

There are some common-sense “no-nos” when snacking before bed.

But I don’t think I have to totally deny myself, if I am hungry before bed.

NO-Nos would include avoiding:

  • spicy foods
  • heavy portions
  • greasy, cheesy foods
  • processed sugary, high-carb foods
  • fast-foods

Better options in small portions would be:

  • deli-sliced turkey or cup of no yogurt
  • stove-top popcorn (prefer this over microwave)
  • banana and dates (with natural peanut butter)
  • warm, homemade oatmeal
  • sliced apple with almond butter