The Pressure Cooker

 An extremely useful kitchen tool that decreases cooking time and enhances flavor,  may not be the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of pressure cookers. Those of us who have been around a while may have childhood memories of our mothers wrestling with pressure cookers. Usually, we evacuated the kitchen out of pure terror or were” forbidden” to enter the kitchen while they were in use. The cookers made hideous hissing sounds and the ever-present fear of explosion was on everyone’s mind. Who did not hear at least one account of the untimely explosion of some unfortunate family dinner splattered from floor to ceiling? Those memories still send a shiver down the spine! Well, we’ve come a long way since the era of our mother’s pressure cookers! Thankfully.

In Europe they have been utilizing and perfecting pressure cooking for quite some time. It is time to consider the benefits of the modern pressure cooker! There are numerous decisions to make when shopping for a pressure cooker. See the following website for helpful information on pressure cooking:

A recipe book that gives comprehensive, yet concise, information on pressure cooking is Pressure Perfect by Lorna Sass. If you can only invest in one book on pressure cooking, we highly recommend this one! Lorna explains everything about pressure cooking to get your started, from exactly how it works to how to make an informed choice on which cooker works best for your needs, to a quick explanation of pressure cooker language. She also provides a helpful questionnaire that assists you in becoming familiar with your pressure cooker.

If you are trying to cook more nutritious, healthy, meals for yourself and your family, this is a worthwhile investment. The pressure cooker saves time, a commodity we value with our busy schedules. Use it as a tool to assist you in your endeavor to lead a healthy lifestyle.
NOTE: The money saved in home meal preparation, instead of eating out more than justifies the investment in good quality kitchen tools. You and your family are worth it!