Relationships — My Placeholder

I just had my birthday and usually around this time I feel a little bit grumpy.  This year was different.  So many friends (silver and gold), my family, even the store clerk, made me feel special this year.

My friends that are squeezing every minute out of their day for their own work and family responsibilities made sure to take the time to wish me a special day. One friend called me to send well wishes as she could barely drag herself out of bed from having the flu!  Another, never misses a year, ON my day, by calling and sending a card.

Family that showed me how much they cared by spoiling me rotten, ALL DAY.

So, this makes me think, what do I use as my placeholder?  The place I want to be is the love that surrounds these cherished times with family and friends.

Relationships are where I want to be.  It is here that I thrive . . .this is my placeholder. What is yours?  What do you want it to be?