Welcome in the New Year with Exercise. Where to Start?

Time to get moving, be a healthier eater, and work on some of those goals you were thinking about before the new year came. Where to start?

A good beginning for a healthier you is to start some exercise.  It can be very difficult in the north where the weather is not conducive to getting outside.  But there are ways to be creative.  Here are some ideas that I have used personally (except for the outdoor snow warrior ones):


  • Running indoors at a local school track; if you’re a runner.
  • Get a rebounder (mini tramp) and find some workouts on You tube.
  • DVDs are always a great way to go.  Jillian Michaels are ones that seem very effective.
  • Download a free exercise app that will get you motivated.  For example, I found Yoga Studio (from a friend’s suggestion) and VT Bodyweight training.  Fun and easy to use from my IPad!


  • Walk/run outdoors.  If you are a snow warrior, find some parks with groomed trails for snow shoeing or cross country skiing.
  • Downhill skiing, however, this can be an expensive form of exercise.
  • Join an outdoor fitness class in your town or city.  Some may be free! 
  • Join a gym or your local YMCA, at least for the Winter.  The money you invest with your membership is well worth the health benefits you receive.   

What is the best form of exercise?  The one you will do!  Vary your exercise routine for a couple reasons:  so you don’t get bored and to avoid or delay a plateau. However, try to be consistent with the time and day that best fits you.  Check out this site to find your exercise personality, then get moving, stay moving and feel and look better each day!