A Story for You this Holiday Season

A Story to Promote Wellness with Healthy Relationships

Recently I had a conversation with my daughter-in-law, Caroline and son, Rick about how frustrating it is that God doesn’t speak to me audibly. My desire is that God would clearly speak to me in words that I can understand, such as how to live my life, and what to do and say in all circumstances. I know He speaks to me through reading the bible and prayer, but I feel as though I need clearer communication.

As I was complaining about the lack of direction, there was a brief pause in the conversation. Then, Caroline shared how God spoke to her loud and clear, in a very personal situation, and as an answer to prayer. She proceeded to describe in more detail her story. It was a privilege for me to hear. 

That dinner conversation made quite an impression on me days after. I couldn’t help think how a young woman more than half my age could articulate this spiritual interaction with such maturity, clarity and passion. At the same time, I felt exposed to my immaturity and apathy, and I thought more about my relationship with God. By sharing her story, Caroline helped me to understand how God does talk to me; through my own stories.

Learning to Listen Well

With some embarrassment and pain comes growth. As a result, I am learning that God isn’t holding back from me, I’m just not listening well.  So, to improve my relationship, reading the Bible is my starting point. Sometimes, though, I need a little help and The Art of Listening Prayer by Seth Barnes has been very beneficial. Day 13, Seth talks about ways God speaks to us. That day made me realize that there are many ways he does talk to me. But,  I have to do my part.  It starts with: focusing, repenting, asking, and listening . . . then I can write my story. The answer may be that God is letting me decide, as Seth puts it day 11. 

How does God speak to you?

Now it’s your turn. Try it out; write it out, and look back at God’s glorious goodness and mercy. Repeatedly read through those answered prayers, the big and little miracles, that reveal the awesome way God has created you within this world we are passing through. This practice will promote a spirit of gratefulness as you pass from Thanksgiving, to joy during Christmas, and hope into the New Year. It is my prayer that you have a wonderful holiday season, and may God bless you beyond what you deserve! I know He has for me.