Your Holiday Options for Weight Control

During the holidays you may find yourself dining out more than normal and frequenting the holiday parties that begin with appetizers and end with rich desserts. If you host the holiday gatherings with all the holiday goodies, you may be spending more time in the kitchen near the tempting foods you wouldn’t normally have in your home. So, with more frequent dining out and/or hosting, how can we keep the weight creeping up from excess indulges and overeating?

Here are some tips that help me stay sane and feel in control. 

Remind yourself that you have the choice to stay in control by knowing what triggers the downward spiral into a feeding frenzy.  For example, baking Christmas cookies and being into the kitchen too long tempts me to overeat sugar.  Then I can’t get enough sugar!  Yep, I eat dough, lick the frosting, or test more cookies than a serving for one (or two or three, etc).  If you resonate with this example, here are some options.

Option: I am admitting to an unhealthy practice with this option, but I think its a better alternative to the above.  Christmas seems strange without sugar cookies, so I buy the pre-made sugar cookies, the ones where all you have to do is cut and bake. Or, Gordon Foods have some that are already cut out . . . even easier.  This helps me with portions.  Make yourself observe the nutritional values of each cookie on the box or package.  This information motivates me to stay within a proper portion size.

Option : Find another Christmas tradition that you enjoy that doesn’t include food.  Make some homemade ornaments.  Enjoy this activity with your kiddos, or Grandchildren.  Check here for some great homemade ornament ideas. 

Preparation is key for the holiday health.  Have some healthy go-to recipes and dishes ready made for those days after you have overindulged.  Check here for a great tasting and body cleansing soup that helps you feel a little less bloated. 

Option:  So you don’t feel slighted when the time comes to saying no to cookies or desserts, try sweet vegetables to get off the refined sugar high.  Roasted root vegetables can help as well as sweet potatoes, butternut squash or acorn squash. These options provide a natural sweetness.  Here is another great recipe for a sweet fix that you can make or take as an appetizer. 

Option:  Before a special event that includes so many food choices that may or may not be healthy, decide which ones are worth consuming.  Be a picky eater, and try to compensate the rest of the day for those unhealthier choices.  For example, if it’s an evening dinner, party, etc. eat the vegetable soup you have prepared above for lunch and snack on the roasted root vegetables. Make healthy choices for most of the day so you can have room for those chosen indulgences.  Whatever you do, though, do not go hungry!

As we celebrate the holidays, make the time for reflecting God’s blessings in your life.  Read first hand the Christmas story.  Stay rooted daily. . . it doesn’t take much time to be reminded of the sacrifice this little baby, born in a manger, has made for me and you.  Download this app for bible verses anytime and anywhere.