Health and The Risk to Bloom

And then the day came
when the risk to remain
tight in a bud
was more painful
than the risk to bloom
Anias Nin

How can you look at these blooms and not feel good on so many levels? You have health goals that you have created for yourself, but something is getting in the way?

Mark Nepo, in The Book of Awakening, says “It has always amazed and humbled me how the risk to bloom can be so insurmountable beforehand and so inevitably freeing once the threshold of suffering is crossed . . . we can flower in an instant, as soon as the pain of not flowering and not loving become greater than our fear.”

Write out your biggest fear. Consider the cost; write out steps to face that fear, then visualize how wonderful you will feel when you reach full bloom.

Share your success, so that you can help others with their challenge.