Where to Start in 2017? Eat vegetables.

Where to start in 2017?  Are you confused and not sure where to begin with goal setting for the New Year?

Here is a tried and true easy tip to remember.  Best of all it comes from your Mom. . . . EAT YOUR VEGETABLES.

When I begin to go AWOL with healthy and clean eating, my cravings for sugar, flour and overall hunger increase dramatically.  My temptation is to want to cut back to an extreme on what I eat for the next day or so. Not a good strategy.  It will backfire both physically and mentally.  Why?  Because your stomach is stretched out so it is looking for bigger portions, and mentally a deprivation mindset kicks in. And, who wants to feel deprived all the time?

To help myself get back on track, I start with whatever way I can be creative to eat more vegetables. Feed yourself well and incorporate a lot of vegetables into your diet.  You will find that the vegetables will replace the previous junk that you were eating, your cravings will begin to diminish and your stomach will thank you.  Best of all, your confidence and resolve will continue to increase as you begin to feel healthy and strong.

Here are 3 easy steps to get back on track:

1.  Plan – Get the vegetables in the house that you like and will eat.

2.  Find some easy go to recipes.

3,  Think outside of the box.  For example, enjoy a sweet potato or baked butternut squash with a little cinnamon and nutmeg for dessert.

Keep it simple and concentrate on this one goal to start the New Year.  EAT YOUR VEGETABLES.  Try it and you may be surprised as to how much you will enjoy them! I can help you with some simple ideas, and many vegetable recipes that will get you started.  Your Mom will be proud!!