Sugar Challenge Results

90 days ago my husband and I set out on a 90 Day No Sugar Challenge.  (See our beginning journal entry here)

Any time, day or night, TV commercials, blogs, online ads and articles inundate us with information about our health.  Everyone knows someone who is experiencing a health crisis. My husband and I decided to remove processed sugar from our diets for 90 days and see if it had a positive impact on our bodies and minds.

Our most pressing questions were:

Can hormones and blood sugar levels be affected by eliminating processed sugar?

Can cravings decrease when processed sugar is eliminated from the daily diet?

Can intermittent brain fog lift with a decrease of processed sugar?

All three questions were answered with an emphatic YES!

Day one, we started paying closer attention to the specific ingredients in all the food we were ingesting. It became increasingly evident how different foods affected our bodies.   We were very surprised how much sugar was lurking in our daily food consumption.  We learned to pay attention and look closely at the ingredients in the items we selected at the supermarket.


Sugar is lurking everywhere! Early in our elimination challenge we found we had to be vigilant in identifying sugar in condiments, breath mints and even mouthwash.

Around day 28 I ate a whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!  A high stress day and emotional eating got the best of me.  This could have de-railed the entire process but I reaffirmed my determination and did not allow myself to stay stuck in negative and shameful thoughts about my failure.  Failure can be shameful, but I decided to choose to use it as a catalyst for growth.  The very next day I continued with the challenge.


We learned creative food prep techniques and even enjoyed some new recipes!

Chicken Strawberry Salad


Our brain fog significantly cleared and we both have a more positive overall outlook on life. We just feel better! Also, meeting this Challenge together has brought us closer in our relationship.

Find a good friend or family member to try an elimination challenge with you. It is a unique growing experience!

We both experienced weight loss and a drop in clothing size. This was not the purpose of the Challenge but it was a nice benefit nonetheless!

We are glad we took the 90 Day Challenge together. It was tough to follow the Challenge over the summer months as we navigated through summer picnics, cookouts and special celebrations.

We are still limiting our sugar intake even though we completed the Challenge because we see and experience the benefits. We choose our food with knowledge and enjoy it in moderation AND we are learning to be patient with ourselves.

The 90 Day Sugar Challenge was a positive step for us on our health journey!