Facing Your Fears – Removing Barriers to Your Health Goal Success

What can be better for your health than gaining confidence in yourself and taking action by facing your fears?  Everyone has an aversion to something.  Mine is walking into a crowd of people.  Very overwhelming to me!

But how can I meet new and interesting people if I don’t face this fear of crowds?

  • Stop avoiding and deal with it!

This story may sound familiar to you: I rationalized for about two hours why I couldn’t go to my last networking luncheon before I needed to finalize reservations.  After taking a deep breath, I called to reserve my place at the restaurant, knowing that once I did I couldn’t be “no-show”.

  • Take action which includes that first step.

That action of making the call to reserve my space at the luncheon was the first step toward feeling successful. Once I got there I met some wonderful new people, as well as saw others that I already knew and could reconnect.

  • There you are! Not, here I am.

When you go into a crowd, don’t think about what you feel you need to say, ask questions to learn about others with genuine interest.  You will eventually have an opportunity to share.

Crowds may not be your fear.  What is?

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What could be healthier?