Running the Race With Friends

Running a race is more than physical ability; it includes mental focus and stamina which may be just as important, or even more crucial to success. Increase your level of accomplishment and do it with friends.  As my official 5th/3rd race runner and former PCV (Peace Corp Volunteer) Rick says, “You get all caught up in the excitement when everyone around you has a common goal.”  Your support system is a huge motivator to get you started.  Their strength can help keep pace with you while you run the race and support you when you get tired and want to quit.

As you begin your healthier life, decide to make sure that you surround yourself with the physical devotion, as well as the mental stamina it takes to train for, run and finish a race.   Your race may look different than a runners. Your race is what you choose to become healthier, such as drinking 2 glasses of water for every can of Diet Coke, or maybe scheduling a walk 3 times a week!  

Get started and make sure to surround yourself with family and friends that will truly support you.  Cross over that finish line so you can begin planning your next “race”!