Spring Clean the Negativity!

SPRING CLEANING – Clean out Negative Thoughts Part 1

Our health is multi dimensional.  What does that mean?  It means our health is determined by many factors that are in constant perpetual motion. For example, how we respond to our interactions with others or situations can determine the health of our mind and body. Research has linked obesity with stress and anxiety.  Uncontrolled worry plays a role in both our physical and emotional health and increases anxiety.  Stress usually calls us to foods that do not promote health but at the time we think will provide instant gratification, like chocolate, sweets, caffeinated beverages or alcohol.  It also is intertwined with our emotional health.

So, since it is springtime, let’s start with some Spring Cleaning.  Negative thoughts can really bring us down and promotes stress and anxiety that we do not need in our lives.  It deteriorates our health and wellness.  Negativity can also alienate those around us, leaving us rejected and  lonely. Who wants to be around someone who is a downer all the time?   Clean out those negative thoughts.  Where to start?  Here are some of my suggestions.

  • Look at the glass half full.  When you start thinking negatively, stop yourself and find the good in the situation; see it as a learning experience and move on!
  • Keep a grateful journal.  In her book and a New York Times Bestseller, One Thousand Gifts,  Ann Voskamp eloquently writes a daring adventure into a world of living a full life, right where you are – not the past, or the future, but NOW.  (Very worthy read).
  • Find a few close friends that you can be yourself and talk through some of your challenges.  Make sure these friends are positive and genuine; friends that can really help you, not bring you down.  Remove the negative relationships from your circle.  Cultivate the friendships that will help you grow stronger with a more positive outlook on life.

Check these links out for more ideas on reducing your negative thought process.



How have you been able to dig out from under your negative thoughts?  Please share so you can help others.