Thinking Outside the Box with Emotional Eating

Nerves, anxiousness, loneliness, procrastination and/or just plain boredom may find your head into the refrigerator (aka box) for more reasons than hunger.  When this happens, you begin to eat more food than your body needs.  This isn’t good on any level, whether you’re trying to lose or maintain your weight.  What makes matters worse is that the goods you search for in that box are usually not carrot or tasteless celery sticks that you have to cut up or prepare.

To help stop eating out of emotion instead of hunger, here are some suggestions to help reign you in from the kitchen cravings…

First, ask yourself if you are really hungry… and if you’re not, then divert your attention to something else you like to do.  Here are some non food related ideas:
  • Read that novel that you have been wanting to get at!
  • Do a self study…Find a topic you enjoy learning about and research with the ever amazing world wide web.  Another option is to take an online course.  Better yet, go to your local adult education center and take a class – you may meet some people that share your same interests and make a new friend!
  • Call or email a friend, take a bath, or meditate and pray for wisdom to use your time constructively. 


  • Get moving . . . grab a jump rope and see how many jumps you can do in a row without messing up.
  • Find out how fun a mini trampoline can be and jump on it while listening to your favorite music.  I have one client load up her ipod with upbeat songs.  Before she knows it, she’s jumped at least 10 minutes after only a few songs!
What if you are hungry and need sustenance? Here are some snack suggestions that will help satisfy and fill you up until the next main meal.
  • Sliced celery and peanut butter with some raisins (organic without sugar) wrapped up in a baggy at arms reach.  Yes, adults can eat “ants on a log” too!
  • Extra veggies for leftovers.  For example, I am going through a roasted brussels sprout craze where I roast with olive oil and seasonings. Then, I make extra servings to have leftovers. I don’t mind eating them cold.
  • Throw some fresh beets in some foil, bake at 350 for an hour or more, then refrigerate after cooling.  You don’t have to do anything to these sweet treats. 

If you are looking for more ideas and ways to get and stay healthy this Spring, contact me for ways to think outside the box with emotional eating. Go to the connect tab and submit a health history. Once I receive it, we can set up a free 1 hour consultation. Today can be your fresh start!